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About The Practitioners

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Sarah Miller- Owner and Lead Massage Therapist- LMT# 20107

Sarah specializes in working with individuals who have physically demanding jobs, helping them stay active and pain-free. With over 10 years of experience, she offers expert deep tissue massage, employing a slow and effective technique that ensures deep relief without intense pressure. Sarah is also skilled in hot stone massage, cupping, Gua Sha, and pregnancy massage.

Sarah purchased Massage Sunriver in 2019 and has been dedicated to providing exceptional therapeutic services ever since. Although massage therapy was not her initial career goal, it became a rewarding path after she returned to school following the birth of her son. Her passion for helping others and her commitment to her craft have made Massage Sunriver a trusted destination for those seeking quality care.


Laura Robson- Massage Therapist- #14050LMT

Inspired by her personal journey of overcoming debilitating low back pain, became a practicing massage therapist in 2007. Integrating her intuitive skills in Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, injury treatment, hot stone, and aromatherapy techniques, she creates personalized therapeutic treatments. These treatments are designed to alleviate acute and chronic pain conditions, correct postural imbalances, and improve musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Outside of work, you'll find her enjoying the great outdoors, skiing, hiking, or spending quality time with her horses, while also nurturing her creativity in her art studio.